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About Us & Press

Models wearing Ame Ame trench coats and umbrellas in the West Village of New York Ciy



Best known for high quality, stylish rain gear as well as candy (the indulgent kind), Amé Amé is a store that's a treasure trove filled with a full range of stylish necessities and fun pleasures for people (both men and women) who seek adventure and romance.

The curating is particularly inspired by  people who love the glamour of city life, the fun of the outdoors, the allure of exotic travels, and of course beautiful things.  Hence Amé Amé is like Leon Leonwood Bean (aka LL Bean), Coco Chanel, and the handsome, adventure writer Richard Halliburton were reborn and began collaborating.

And so there's a strong emphasis on outerwear, footwear, and functional accessories like umbrellas, weekend bags and hats, that are prefect for travelers and stylish commuters who love walking and biking, like New Yorkers.

There's also a strong emphasis on unique, meaningful gift items.  Because what's more romantic than surprising someone with an unexpected present?

If adventure and romance are what you like, as opposed to monotony and cynicism, then you can't live another day without visiting our NYC store or browsing our online collection.


Interested in what the Press and others have had to say about Amé Amé and its founder, Teresa Soroka?  Then check out our press page. 

We even have a special feature in the New York City Lonely Planet guide book!